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windows Updating chipset drivers on Win10x64

The first thing you’ll have to do is uninstall the driver, and once done, you will install the latest one. In Device Manager, look for the Bluetooth driver. On the Window Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click the driver. If available, go to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver. If the Roll Back Driver option is greyed out, no previous driver versions were installed.

If you need to uninstall the above driver the instructions to do that are listed below. Once the drivers have finished downloading, double click on the download to open the Installer. Official website ( -change the language to in the upper right corner-click -find Windows , download and install.

How to Perform a Clean Installation of Bluetooth Drivers

By having it on your Taskbar, you can perform actions but just right-clicking the icon instead of navigating to settings and performing them there. To keep your device much safer, do not hesitate to find out what are the best security & privacy features in Windows 11. If you’re in a public space, there’s always the risk of your Bluetooth attacks and highjacking so try to avoid using it to transfer files to and from your PC. So, when you try to pair a device with your PC, keep the device close, to avoid any such problems. In the event that you are configuring a new device and Bluetooth is not there, check the product specs to see whether or not it is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. There are several electronic gadgets that do not have Bluetooth.

  • Once you complete the steps, you’ll need to connect your Bluetooth device again using these steps.
  • Google promised to work with developers and create exceptions if their apps require Phone or SMS permissions for “core app functionality”.
  • So when I play games with others, I have to use the bad quality speaker to hear others.

Selecting this option resets everything back to default settings. If you get a black screen before the Windows login screen appears, the issue often has an easy fix. Check out the possible solutions below to troubleshoot the issue.

Ways to Reset a Graphics Driver

The Bluetooth service should be active/running and enabled as marked in the screenshot below. GNOME Bluetooth and all the required dependency packages are being installed. You can use rfkill to find out whether your computer has detected the installed Bluetooth hardware of your computer. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. In the Device Manager, right-click the Bluetooth adapter and select Uninstall. If the Bluetooth adapter is disabled in the Device Manager and the Enable option shown above does not work, try the following options.

Click on this link and it will pick up your chipset’s driver. From here, you can choose the correct driver version for your operating system. You can also this page check the version of your chipset’s driver by selecting the correct AMD brand.

If Bluetooth disappeared in Windows 10 because of such temporary issues, you need to restart your PC. We use many Bluetooth devices like keyboards, mice, and earphones with our Windows 10 computers. The Bluetooth devices consume less space and can help you be free from wires on your desk.

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